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6m prodigy aerial yoga hammock - nylon sling rigging set

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Experience the joy of weightlessness! Aerial Yoga allows you to relax and experience just a little bit of the upside-down fun that is part of the appeal of aerial acrobatics with a lower barrier to entry.

Perfect for the professional yogi, casual practitioner, and great fun for kids. These professional quality yoga hammocks are made in the UK for everyone to enjoy.

Working Load Limit on Prodigy 60cm/18mm slings + stopper knot - 171kg/377lb

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What's in this set

  • 6m length of low stretch 100% nylon tricot fabric
  • Prodigy 60cm/18mm slings
  • Prodigy Auto Locking Steel Oval carabiners
  • Prodigy Rolltop bag

Why would I want this set?

If you need to make adjustments to the height of your hammock but are looking for a more affordable method than using the Prodigy Loop Adjusters and you don't mind it being a little slower to make the adjustments with a little bit more intial set-up, then this method is for you.

It’s perfect for studios to allow your students to set the height exactly as they need it. Once it’s been set-up for them it’s easy to work backwards and make the adjustments needed with minimal instruction.

What will I need?

  • 1 point hammock set, you’ll need a 6m yoga hammock, 2x Prodigy 60cm/18mm slings, 1x Carabiner
  • 2 point hammock set, you’ll need a 6m yoga hammock, 2x Prodigy 60cm/18mm slings, 2x Carabiners

Can I adjust the height?

Yes! This method takes a little practice to set-up at first and does involve learning a simple and very useful knot. Once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s quick and very easy to adjust.

An important note…

Everything above assumes you have a suitable and safe rigging point to attach to, like a professionally installed rigging point or a reputable and rated freestanding rig. Not every home/studio will be the same so we cannot advise on this part. If you haven’t established a safe rigging point then please do this first with the help of a structural engineer/experienced rigger/professional familiar with what you're hanging and where you're hanging it. You can find some more information on how to install at home here and general aerial safety here.

How to tie the knot

Using the 60cm/18mm nylon sling you make a 3 or 4-wrap prusik onto the fabric, with a stopper knot tied in the end of the fabric, above the prusik. Leave around 15-20cm of tail after the knot. The prusik is a grip knot that will hold tight on the fabric when under load, and the stopper knot is tied for security.

To adjust the height of the fabric, you simply take any weight off the hammock to loosen the grip of the prusik and then pull the fabric through to your desired height, then re-set the stopper knot.

UK Made, Tested, and Certified

This set is made, tested, and certified in the UK.

Working Load Limit on Prodigy 60cm/18mm slings + stopper knot - 171kg/377lb

This Working Load Limits includes a FOS (Factor of Safety) of 7:1 and is based on loading up to 1200kg, at this point NO damage/deflection/tearing occurred.

You can find out how to care for and wash your silks here with further Covid specific guidance here.

More Information
Country of ManufactureUK
Average (Mean) Downward Stretch6% (low)
Working Load Limit190kg
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