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Prodigy Hammock Loop Adjusters (pair)

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These Prodigy Hammock Loop Adjusters make it super quick and easy to change the height of your hammock without interrupting your yogic flow!

There are no knots to adjust with the Prodigy Hammock Loop Adjusters. You can raise the hammock by standing up and pulling the outer tail of the fabric down gently and evenly. To lower it, you can open the rings, feed the tail back through the rings, and pull the inside of the hammock down to where you want it to hang.

Watch the video in the description below to see it in action! Simply put, these are the easiest way to adjust the height of your hammock.



The easiest way to adjust the height of your hammocks

Designed by Prodigy to give you the quickest and easiest way to make micro-adjustments to the fabric height, these are perfect for ground-based practice. Simple to use, the fabric loops through the metal rings to lock in place once your weight is in the fabric. Similar to how some baby sling designs adjust or a yoga belt.


This simple adjustment method is excellent for sequences where you need to adjust the height frequently.

It will allow students to adjust the height in studios, so it’s just right for them!


If you’re rigging a performance hammock or doing more dynamic movements, we recommend using 0-rings rather than these Loop Adjusters.



These adjusters use the user's weight to lock the hammock in place while in use.


This also means that all you have to do to adjust them is stand up! There are no knots to undo and re-tie, or even carabiners to unclip, pull the fabric through the loop, apply a bit of pressure, and they will lock again.




It's straightforward to set this up and does not involve any knots. Pull the tail of the fabric through both rings towards the outside ring. Then bring the tail back under the outer ring and through the inside ring. It will lock in place under load by pulling the rings together tight, but it is a good idea to tie a stopper knot too for extra security.

Again, we recommend this method for mostly ground-based practice and never for dynamic aerial sling performances.









  • Made, tested and certified in the UK.
  • Individually load tested and rated. Yoga fabric has been load tested in use with the adjusters.
  • Working Load Limit of Prodigy Yoga/Silks fabric on Prodigy Loop Adjusters: 71kg
  • Factor of Safety: 7:1
  • The WLL of the fabric is based on the first sign of ANY damage (at 500kg, minor damage noted pinch point between loops). Further loading up to 1200KG showed further signs of damage to the fabric at the loop adjusters' pinch points but no total failure of material was observed.



More Information
Country of ManufactureUK
Working Load Limit150kg
Minimum Breaking Strain (MBS)20kN
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