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Prodigy Aerial Sewn Loop Slings (climbing slings)- 18mm

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Very useful for rigging various apparatus. No Aerial Rigger's kit bag would be complete without a few short slings. 


Minimum Breaking Strain (MBS) 24kN


Made, tested, and certified in the UK!


Length shown is the working length (end to end).


small slings, immense strength

These Prodigy branded polyester rigging slings are 18mm wide and available in a range of short lengths. This is great for using between components when you need to add just a little bit of extra length.

Even though they're small, they're suitable for a range of aerial rigging situations, with a Minimum Breaking Strain (MBS) of 24kN.


These slings should not be used around hard corners or abrasive surfaces and should be checked for wear every time. Please consult an experienced rigger and always work within the manufacturer's recommendations if in doubt.


perfect for hammocks

The 60cm length of these slings is perfect to rig yoga hammocks by tying them as a prusik knot. To do this, you make a 3 or 4-wrap prusik onto the fabric with the sling. Then you tie a stopper knot tied at the end of the fabric, above the prusik. Leave around 15-20cm of tail after the knot.

The prusik is a gripping knot that will hold tight on the fabric when under load, and the stopper knot is tied for security.


To adjust the height of the fabric, you take any weight off the hammock to loosen the grip of the prusik and then pull the fabric through to your desired height, then re-set the stopper knot.








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Country of ManufactureUK
Minimum Breaking Strain (MBS)24kN
Material TypeNylon
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