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Prodigy Multi-point Aerial Hoop with Shackles

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UK-made and fully certified by independent safety testers.

For information on the hoop taping service, including turnaround, see here

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Note: all sizes listed are the EXTERNAL diameter of the Hoop.



A Shackle Hoop is the most versatile hoop option. 1-point hoops, 2-point hoops, 0-point hoops and even 3-point hoops all serve important purposes depending on your planned moves and routines.

A Shackle hoop can transform to fit any of these roles using high strength steel shackles that act as your attachment points. The shackles have a low profile 6mm bar, and the hex-head pin locks into place very neatly in an indentation. This means it locks securely and with no protruding pin to get in the way.

Great for studios

They allow you to rig as a 1-Point or 2-Point using soft rigging attached directly to the supplied shackles. This reduces wear on metal components, reduces the amount of hardware needed, and looks clean. It is helpful for studios as you can switch between 1 or 2-point configurations with only one hoop.

You can rig this without using the shackles, in the same way as a 0-point hoop.

We make our Aerial Hoops in the UK to exceptionally high safety standards.


You can see our size guide for a standard Aerial Hoop here.

You might also want to consider going up a size if you intend to use this hoop for doubles.

Note: All sizes listed are the EXTERNAL diameter of the Hoop. For the internal measurement deduct 5 cm (2 inches) from the external diameter.

Our Aerial Hoops come ready to rig up and use out of the box with a grippy matt powder coating that is durable and looks great. However, the bare powder coating can take a little while to warm up (like a pole dancing pole), so many people prefer to tape their hoop up in one of our many colourful grip tapes. You can find a guide to taping your aerial hoop here.


You can rig a 1-Point by securing a Polyester Strop, Aerial PolySafe Rope, or CottonSafe Rope directly to the centre of the bar using the two provided shackles. Do NOT use a carabiner here.

You can choke a Polyester Strop or Aerial PolySafe Rope directly to the bar, precisely like a 0-Point. If you are using the hoop bare (un-taped), you must put tape directly under the Strop/PolySafe Rope to prevent the bar from slipping.

In some circumstances, you can use a Prodigy Aerial Sewn Loop Sling, but we don't recommend this for long-term rigging. You could use these in a performance if you need rigging, which is less visible to the audience.

You can rig a 2-Point by securing a  Strop or PolySafe/CottonSafe Rope directly to an outside hole in the bar, using one shackle on each side. Do NOT use a carabiner here.

You can connect a Prodigy Dyna-Core Triangle Hanging Rope directly to this hoop using the shackles provided.

If you do not want the Aerial Hoop to spin, you need to connect your strop/rope to your anchor point with a carabiner. We recommend this when you want to keep a hoop rigged from one point facing an audience. We would also recommend this if you’re using a Prodigy Rig or don’t have much height.

If you want to spin, you need a carabiner at the top of the rope/strop, connected to a swivel and then another carabiner securing you to your anchor point.

It's essential to use a medium strength thread lock (included) on the thread of the pin to eliminate any risk of vibrations loosening the pin.

For more information on how to hang your hoop, check out our information page here and watch the video, made by our friends at


A safe rigging point to attach to is essential. We have comprehensive information to help you here.

Aside from a rigging point, there are optional accessories and essential rigging gear. What you need for each type of Aerial Hoop varies. If you have any questions, we are happy to help. We recommend items like tape, grip aids, hand loop straps, and this fantastic book.


Made from 1” diameter 10G tubing (25.4mm with 3mm wall). TIG-welded with mild steel filler rod, root and then cap welds done on the top and bottom joining welds. The top weld has a solid mild steel insert to back the weld.

Powder-coated with a neutral grey finish, which looks great, protects the steel from rust, and is easy to wipe clean. Ready to use with or without tape.


Regularly safety tested at independent & certified testing facilities

Working Load Limit (WLL) when rigged on a simulated single point hang : 100kg 

WLL when rigged on a simulated twin point hang : 160kg

Factor Of Safety (FOS) 5:1

Working Load Limits are based on permanent deflection. Never exceed the manufacturers WLL.


1x Aerial Hoop

2x marine grade steel shackles

1x Prodigy Multi-tool

1x Medium Strength Threadlocker Blue 10ml

1x Infosheet

1x Logbook

1x Protective foam cover

Certificates of conformity are available on request.


Everything above assumes you have a suitable and safe rigging point, like a professionally installed rigging point or a reputable and rated freestanding rig. Not every home/studio will be the same, so we cannot advise on this part. If you haven’t established a safe rigging point, please do this first with the help of a structural engineer/experienced rigger/professional familiar with what you're hanging and where you're hanging it. You can find some more information on how to install at home here and general aerial safety here.

Aerial Hoop Weight by size

85cm : 4.6kg

90cm : 4.8kg

95cm : 5.2kg

100cm : 5.3kg

105cm : 5.4kg

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Country of ManufactureUK
Tubing Diameter1" (25.4mm)
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