The show, Tumble, from the BBC has been great fun to watch and has done amazing things for promoting aerial circus. We don't usually go for shows of this format but Tumble's done a great job at showing how hard aerial is but also how rewarding it can be and that anyone with enough dedication can do amazing things on these apparatus.

The show's Grand Final was broadcast on Saturday 13th September 2014 and showed some real progression from the contestants. The routines in the final were a combination of floor tumbling and acro balance and double trapeze.

Easily our favourite routine was from H (from Steps) and his pro partner, Holly. There were some great tricks - basing a head balance, round off to back tuck and that single leg catch on the trapeze - and H looked like he was having loads of fun. You can see H and Holly's Grand Final routine below

In the end Bobby Lockwood won the Tumble title after the viewers voted. Bobby was injured for the final, which was a shame as he had to cut some of his harder tricks from the routine that looked good in practice. H did better on the day but Bobby has been the most consistent contestant throughout the competition and the viewers seemed to recognise this.

We've been proud to supply some of the aerial kit for Tumble. Hopefully the show has inspired more people to take up aerial circus (and the other disciplines involved). If you'd like to learn aerial circus then have a look at our list of aerial clubs and classes across the country.

Let's hope Tumble returns for another series...