Cork Peanut Massage Ball

It’s important to look after your body when you’re training aerials. The unique shape of a peanut massage ball means you can relieve all the same areas as with a traditional massage ball but often in a more targeted way. This means areas that aerialists frequently have trouble with like the forearms, shoulders, and triceps. Try them on your feet, too. Your feet will thank you.

The peanut shape also gives you control as it won’t roll around as much as a ball. This can be more effective for your back and more targeted than a foam roller.

Try using this as part of your self care and you may find it helpful in the release of muscle tension, soreness, and myofascial release. Dealing with knots and tension can increase your mobility, making you less stiff and potentially reducing the risk of injury.  If nothing else, it should feel nice!


Your muscles will be sore and tired after training and there is a normal amount of pain that can be experienced with massage. You do need to take care when using this peanut - especially around the neck and spine! We would not recommend massaging any vulnerable areas of your body without seeking a qualified opinion.

Cork massage peanuts are NOT intended to replace medical advice and if you’re experiencing chronic pain then see a physician, please! Peanuts can’t solve all your problems and they have no medical training whatsoever - they are good listeners though!


A few tips:

  • Go SLOWLY and GENTLY. You will likely experience some pain, especially when first applying pressure to a tender spot. These peanuts may also be firmer than what you have used before so may require less pressure than what you’re used to.
  • STOP if you feel SHARP PAIN. Sharp pains are an indication that something is wrong, you may be using too much pressure, or it could be something more serious. Pay attention to your body and do not try to massage through a pain that doesn’t feel right.
  • Aim for no more than 10 minutes on any muscle group or trigger point.
  • Be extra gentle and cautious around the neck and spine and if you’re not sure how to massage these areas then don’t ask the peanut for help, ask an expert!


Why have we chosen cork?

Cork is a uniquely renewable and, generally considered, sustainable resource. The cork tree needs to reach around 25-30 years of age before the first harvest can be taken. The outer bark is stripped from cork trees at intervals of 9-14 years while the tree is left to grow without any great harm caused by the harvest. The cork trees continue to support a diverse ecosystem while preventing erosion and desertification.


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