Play Festival 2015We've just had a little cry.

Play Festival organiser, Duncan, announced over the weekend that there would not be a Play in 2015. Play is one of our favourite juggling and spinning festivals so a summer without one has made us very sad.

Duncan said: "For reasons beyond our (and their) control the Workhouse [the Play venue] is not able to confirm our event and a hunt for a new venue hasn’t been successful.

"It takes a lot of time and work to create the festival and unfortunately there isn’t enough time left for us to find a new venue and put on the truly great event we all want so much. So rather than keeping everybody on edge waiting for an announcement we've decided to call it off now, have a rest, and come back with a fabulous festival in 2016."

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Like many Play-ers we are saddened by this news but understand the reasons and wish all the organisers a restful year off with their families. As for the rest of us, the silver lining is that we could explore one of the many other fine UK circus and juggling events on this summer. Some examples include:

The British Juggling Convention - 27/3/15 to 2/4/15 - the biggest juggling convention in the UK

Bungay Balls Up - 15/5/14 to 25/5/15 - the longest juggling convention in the world!

JuggLINCOLNvention - 3/7/15 to 6/7/15 - probably the prettiest convention in the UK

Crawley Circus Festival - 31/2/15 to 2/8/15 - errr... I can't find a superlative appropriate for this event! It is very good, though.

Broxford Juggling Convention - 12/9/15 t0 20/9/15 - the most schizophrenic convention in the UK (it's not sure if it's Bristol or Oxford)