Prodigy Snake Tape - High Quality Aerial Hoop Tape (14m / 15yd)


Prodigy Snake Tape is a 100% cotton tape for your aerial hoops and trapezes.

38mm wide, 14m long.

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Comfortable grip

Prodigy Snake Tape is made from 100% cotton, which gives you a soft and comfortable grip.

The texture of cotton tape helps you grip the bar. Without tape, an unwrapped bar can be slippery. An unwrapped bar is more gentle on your hands, but most users prefer the feeling of security with a better grip.

how to tape a hoop info

Easy to wrap

One 14m roll should be enough to cover any size of aerial hoop with a tube diameter of 25mm. It has no serrated edge and is easy to tear by hand.

Use two rolls of tape if

  • your tube diameter is larger than 25mm
  • your hoop diameter is larger than 100cm
  • you want a two-colour hoop!

Wrapping the hoop is easy and the tape unrolls easily.

  • Start at the bottom of your hoop.
  • Wind your tape up, wrapping around the bar in a spiral, overlapping the tape until you reach the top of the hoop.
  • Start again at the bottom, overlapping the tape by about a hand’s width. Start wrapping in the other direction until you reach the top!

See here for more information on how to tape your hoop!

A variety of uses

Prodigy Snake Tape is perfect to use for the following:

  • Aerial hoops/Lyra
  • Trapeze bars
  • Rope splices
  • Sports injuries/injury prevention taping
  • Add grip to hockey sticks, barbells, baseball bats.
  • Kinesiology Taping
  • Keep protective equipment in place – knee pads/shin pads etc.
  • Many more sports/medical applications besides!
chalk cloud around hands

A note about glue

Often, the tape will be a little sticky on the surface after you have taped the hoop. This is normal, it is excess adhesive coming through gaps in the cloth.

This could happen immediately or after the tape has warmed up when you’re training. We always recommend rubbing new tape with chalk; it will help absorb excess adhesive. You may need to reapply the chalk, but with use, it will no longer be a problem, and you won't need any more chalk.

If you do not use chalk, the new tape can make your hands and clothes sticky.

This can happen with all tape brands that we have tested, and it’s inconsistent; some rolls are good, while others are sticky. Warm weather and other conditions can affect it, too. If you have a problem, please let us know. We will be happy to help you!

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Does the job

Ragad, a testhő hatására lejön

Nem vennék többet

Note from Firetoys - New tape can be sticky, and when it warms up, glue can come through the porous cotton. Rub new tape with chalk and the problem will be solved. Please contact our customer services so we can assist you with any probems.

So Sicky

I went and rolled one hoops with it and it was so sticky that my fingers were glued together by the end of wrapping. I'll apply some chalk as seen in some of the comments above but I think it's really excessively sticky to start with.

pretty good

After a few days of use in our studio we had one hoop that stayed particularly sticky while the other 2 evened out with chalk. Otherwise, it's a great product. The tension on it is perfect for taping. Much easier than some of the stretchy sports tape we've used in the past.

Not convinced

I was so excited to receive my roll of tape, it meant I could hop on my hoop with confidence!
Wraps beautifully, really soft and not hard to control at any point.
Unfortunately I found that it only covered 3/4 of my hoo, so potentially have gone more than half with my overlapping - Which is something I'll avoid next wrap.
I do, however, find it extremely sticky which means that it has made the hoop look a little grubby within 10 minutes of usage. Hands were also very sticky after use.
Only went for the black in colour so as to keep it from looking dirty, and it does look and feel lovely in spite of the stickiness!!!

Reply from Firetoys - the tape should not be excessively sticky. A little bit of excess adhesive can be absorbed by rubbing the bar down with chalk. Please contact our customer services so we can assist you.