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Crystal Clear Acrylic Contact Ball and protective bag

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Acrylic contact juggling balls don't come any better than this! These Crystal Clear Acrylic Balls are fantastic for mesmerizing and magnificent multi and single ball contact magic!

We supply each ball with a free padded pouch. The balls are a lens, so if left in sunlight will act as a magnifying glass and present a fire risk. Storing the balls in the bag will prevent this and protect the ball from damage.

Crystal clear acrylic


These Crystal Clear Acrylic balls are flawless and (as the name suggests) they are crystal clear! No wobbles, no bubbles, no scratches, no scuffs, just clean and smooth crystal clear acrylic.

The precision manufacturing and high strength of the acrylic mean these are virtually shatterproof, but they can get scratched, as well as cause damage to other people/objects!

Available in a range that will suit anyone's size hands, or style.

Every ball includes a free bag!

What Size to Choose - Single Ball Contact Juggling: 


As a general rule, the smaller the contact ball, the smaller the contact surface area and the harder it is to control. Similarly, the larger the ball, the easier it is to balance.

So for single ball contact juggling a larger ball is generally preferred - anything from a 75mm ball upwards, depending on personal preference. However, 90mm balls and upwards can start to get too heavy for some, making certain moves tricky to control.

The most popular choices for a single ball are 85 and 90cm.

If you're not sure whether you want to play multi or single ball, go for a 75mm ball.


What Size to Choose - Multi-Ball Contact Juggling:


If you are interested in manipulating any more than two balls, then the above rule is inversed: the smaller the ball, the easier it is to control multiples of them. We recommend not going for anything larger than a 75mm ball, especially if you are learning multiball contact juggling.

The 70mm and 75mm balls are the most popular for multiball, but again, exactly what size to choose comes down to personal preference and the size of your hands.


Important: Due to the perfect circular shape and clear nature of this acrylic, these contact balls can act as magnifying glasses and start fires. Never leave your balls in direct sunlight (or on a window sill).

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