Flowgeng - Magnetic Wooden S staffs

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Flowgeng by Flow DNA provides a unique and lightweight feeling of flow, with machine cut and hand-routed aviation-grade birch plywood shapes. Designed to create optical illusions and mesmerise your audience, Flowgeng offers an experience for both the performer and audience.

Flowgeng by Flow DNA

Handmade in South Africa, Flowgeng offers the ultimate S-staff experience! These are a thing of beauty to behold (and to be holding) - precisely machine cut and expertly hand-routed with an eco-friendly shellac finish. Each order of Flowgeng will include two collapsible staffs, each consisting of two pieces connected with six super-strong magnets, and all contained and protected in a nifty travel bag.

It is just short enough to spin inside most people's armspan and glides smoothly on a single path thanks to its curves. The cut-outs not only look great, with a perfect symmetry, they also reduce the weight enough to be forgiving on the wrists and allow for comfortable and easy finger twirling. The handle has been refined to a perfect thickness allowing for a smooth rotation in the hands.

This prop is perfect for performances and creates unique optical illusions, playing on our visual perception, creating a mesmerising and hypnotic display of morphing geometry. Slow, smooth, and very precise movements are required to maintain the illusions - these are NOT designed or intended for fast spinning and high throws and catches. This type of spinning may result in a damaged staff. They're also not optimal for body contact hooks and sliding techniques. 


  • Machine cut and hand-routed.
  • Aviation-grade birch plywood.
  • Multiple configurations possible for a world of experimentation
  • Collapsable for easy transport.
  • Smoothly routed handles, to encourage sliding in a loose grip.
  • Cut-out design for aesthetic illusions and opportunities for hooks, catches, and other experimental techniques.
  • Lightweight for easy finger twirling.
  • An eco-friendly shellac finish (like a custom guitar).
  • Super strong magnets! (Keep at a distance from electronic devices, just to be on the safe side)

Technical Specifications

  • Length in S-Shape configuration: 83cm
  • Length in collapsed configuration: 48cm
  • Thickness: 9mm thick birch ply wood.
  • Weight: 270g per staff.
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ManufacturerFlow DNA
Country of ManufactureSouth Africa
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