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Flowtoys Tubes

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Individual tubes for Flowtoys glow props. Replace lost or broken tubes or create your own glow toys.
Individual Flowtoys polycarbonate (the strongest clear plastic available) tubes. Use these tubes as replacements or as additions to your existing Flowtoys kit to make new glow props. The lengths of the tubes are determined by the number of flowlights they hold, accounting for the bumpers in the caps. Staff connectors take up the same amount of space as a flowlight and you would need 0.5F ("F" stands for "Flowlight" not feet) space for hold one half of a staff connector. The other half would fit into the other tube you're connecting. For example, a six light short staff requires 2x 3.5F tubes so each end can hold three flowlights and half a staff connector to link them. All Flowtoys tubes are custom extruded to very tight tolerances so that flowlights and all caps and connectors fit into them. Holes at both ends enable all flowtoys caps and connectors to click into the tubes. 1F tube = 1 flowlight - 14 cm, 5.6" | used in flowpoi and flowdart shorty tube = 1 flowlight with some space 15.5 cm, 6.2" | used as a handle to make a 43"/109cm 6-light staff 2F tube = 2 flowlights or 1 flowlights and 2 staff connectors 26.7 cm, 10.5" | used in flowpoi duo, flowchucks and staff handles 2.5F tube = 2 flowlights and 1 staff connector 33 cm, 12.9" | up to your imagination 3F tube = 3 flowlights 39 cm, 15.4" | can be used as short flowpoi trio, staff handles 3.5F tube = 3 flowlights and 1 staff connector 45.3 cm, 17.8" | used in flowpoi trio, flow clubs, 6-light collapsible staff ends 4F tube = 4 flowlights 51.8 cm | 20.4" | staff handle 4.5F tube = 4 flowlights and 1 staff connector 57.8 cm | 22.8" | used in 8-light collapsible staff ends, staff handles 5F tube = 5 flowlights or 4 flowlights and 2 staff connectors 63.9cm, 25.25" | used in flowscrima, flowstick, staff handle
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