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Prodigy 6m Yoga Hammock

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These supportive, lower stretch aerial yoga hammocks from premium aerial brand Prodigy are perfect for studios!

Aerial Yoga has been the go to exercise for trendy fitness gurus for a few years now, and the benefits are diverse and well documented. Combining traditional yoga, pilates, and aerial circus skills it trains strength, flexibility and general fitness in a fun and engaging way. We have been supplying the UK & Europe with high quality aerial yoga hammocks for years and are pleased to include the new prodigy range in our offerings.

Low Stretch means more support

These hammocks are made from the same fabric as Prodigy's Aerial Silks, which has a lower stretch than our own Firetoys Hammocks at ~6%. Many find this to give more support to their suspensions and inversions in aerial yoga, and the lower stretch means that less effort is required to move while being held by the hammock.

The lower stretch also makes the fabric behave in a more predictable way, making it easier to set the correct height without having to compensate for the stretch once your weight is in it. This is great for a studio where you're rigging at multiple heights for different moves as it means less time adjusting, fewer interruptions to your sequences, and a better class flow overall!.

These hammocks are as wide as you could need them at 290cm, allowing for full body extensions and even full splits (if you're bendy enough!).

This Premium Nylon fabric is manufactured in the USA but cut and tied in the UK, with destructive tests carried out to ensure safety.

You can find out how to care for and wash your silks here.

Prodigy Aerial

Prodigy is a premium aerial equipment brand based in the UK, all prodigy equipment is the result of years of expertise and research, from aerialists who use the equipment they sell.


  • 1x 6m Length of Prodigy Silk
  • 2x Steel O rings (pre-tied)
More Information
Country of ManufactureUK
Average (Mean) Downward Stretch6% (low)
Working Load Limit128kg
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