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Pink Mr Babache Finesse G4 Diabolo

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One of the best diabolos around. Simple as that.

The Mr Babache Finesse G4 is a top of the range, light weight diabolo. Like the G3, it's made from a resistant, flexible rubber polymer moulded into a thin butterfly shape allowing you to perform close body moves easily using either one or two diabolos.

The G4 (fourth generation model) has been remoulded to focus even more weight towards the rims of the cups than in previous versions of the Finesse. This adds momentum to the edges of the diabolo, therefore increasing spin times. The G4 is also 20g heavier than the G3, giving the G4 that extra bit of oomph.

The Finesse G4's wide cups give this diabolo great stage visibility and an easy grip position for throw ins.

The Finesse really turns up trumps when you look at the accessories available and the way in which it was designed with add-ons in mind.

- The light kits (Evolution Kit 4) screw onto both sides of the diabolo and illuminate the entire translucent body (except white which is opaque).

- The G4 can be fine tuned with the use Evolution 3 kits that add balanced weights to either side of the diabolo (available in 6g and 10g).

- Also available is the extended axle for finger grinds and other moves (Evolution 1 kit).

The G4 is a fantastic diabolo without any of the Evolution accessories, but when tuned up you'll find it difficult get hold of a diabolo better than the Finesse G4.

More Information
Country of ManufactureSwitzerland
ManufacturerMr Babache
Diabolo LevelAll Levels
Diabolo SizeLarge
Axle Fixed
Cup Diameter133mm
Diabolo ColourPink
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