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Flowtoys Contact Staff Handles

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Contact staff handles to make your flowstaff stiffer and increase its grip. This is just the handle - see our range of flowstaffs for complete glow contact staffs.
We stock a variety of Flowtoys "contact staff handle" tube lengths. These tubes come with an internal wooden core that makes the staff stiffer and has clear silicone grip to make the handle, errr... grippy. Like the Flowtoys empty tubes, these handles are measure by the number of flowlights they could hold (if they didn't have wood in them already!) For example, a 3.5F (F stands for "flowlight", not feet) handle would be long enough to fit three and a half flowlights. The contact staff handles are sold individually without caps, connectors or lights. For complete contact flowstaffs check out the flowstaff section. Listed below are the lengths of the tubes offered and the overall length of the contact staff that these tubes will make. If you have 3.5F tubes for your staff ends (6-light staff): Contact handle tube lengths = overall staff length with 3.5F staff ends. 3F tube = 133cm, 52.3" 3.5F tube = 139cm, 54.8" 4F tube = 146cm, 57.3" 4.5F tube = 151cm, 59.5" 5F tube = 158cm, 62" If you have 4.5F tubes for your staff ends (8-light staff): Contact handle tube lengths = overall staff length with 4.5F staff ends. 3F tube= 157.5cm, 62" 3.5F tube= 164cm, 64.5" 4F tube= 170cm, 67" 4.5F tube= 176.5cm, 69.5" 5F tube= 183cm, 72" All flowtoys tubes are made of polycarbonate, the strongest clear plastic available. The tubes are also custom extruded to very tight tolerances so that flowlights and all connectors fit into them. Holes at both ends enable all flowtoys caps and connectors to easily click into the tubes.
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