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Flowtoys Podpoi v2 - Capsule 2.0 glow poi

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Podpoi 2.0 are here with fantastic features like:

  • grouping and synchronising modes
  • Mega-bright high temperature LEDs
  • Kinetic Awareness & motion response
  • 40+modes
  • New Smithy cord!


Podpoi v2.0 is finally here, and it will blow your mind!


Flowtoys Podpoi v2 are the next evolution of the world-famous podpoi, and they have had one heck of an upgrade. The pod shells remain the same, as do the new silicone handles introduced recently, but the internals are completely new and powered by the capsule 2.0. with connect™.


The new capsule light adds a whole host of new features, including the ability to sync an entire room full of capsules and control them all at once!


These podpoi now use smithy cord instead of the old flow-cord. It's smoother and less stretchy to adapt to modern play styles.



Everything that made the podpoi great is still here; the meticulous design of the pod shell diffuses the light of the capsule perfectly, giving you slight textures of lotus leaves and leaving beautiful light trails in the air. The Silicone structure within the pod shell gives the perfect amount of resistance to protect the capsules from impact without being too heavy or hard when they (inevitably) hit you! They are also perfectly weighted to give you enough inertia to perform amazing stalls without tiring your arms out.


The capsule lights still have incredible kinetic awareness, meaning they know when they're moving and when they're stalling, thanks to high-tech accelerometers within the casing. This makes stalls really stand out in the middle of any spinning session! The flow-cord that holds all of this together is just the right amount of stretchy and bouncy, as well as being slick enough to allow super smooth orbitals.


The Capsules have a vast range of built-in modes that range from rainbow fade to imitating some of your favourite flowlights of the past to whole new fantastic strobing patterns that photos really can't do justice.


And most importantly of all, they still run all night long!



This is where the capsule 2.0 really stands out. Using the built-in menu system in the new capsules, you can put your podpoi into groups with each other (and your friends) and synchronise all your button presses. This revolutionary feature lets you coordinate fantastic performance pieces and organise big glowy flow parties!



To see how to achieve this, see the video below!


Importantly, this means that you can sync not just your podpoi but any props you have in the capsule 2 family!



As well as charging through USB, the new capsule is also USB accessible for firmware updates, meaning that your capsule will be able to be updated to include any new patterns and features that flowtoys come out with in the future!



  • 2x flowtoys podpoi 2.0 with capsule 2
  • 2x flowtoys knobleash
  • 2x micro USB cables
  • 1x carry bag


More Information
Country of ManufactureUSA
Poi Cord LengthAdjustable: 44cm - 80cm (17.3in - 31.5in)
Poi Weight (per pair)245g (8.6oz)
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