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Status Gymnastic Twirling Ribbon - Rainbow (5m)

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A long and colourful twirling ribbon, also known as a Chinese or gymnastic ribbon. Just the thing to peel kids' eyes from the telly. 5m long

mesmerizing and creative


On its own, it's just a length of ribbon attached to a stick, but in the right hands, a twirling ribbon is a beautiful and mesmerizing prop!


Fun for kids; they take little to no skill to twirl around and make simple loops and rainbow coloured swirls. But when combined with dance or gymnastic skills, they become spellbinding and make for amazingly creative and fun performances.


The rainbow-coloured ribbon is 5m long and made from a top-quality, lightweight, soft and bright material that won't rip or fray. This is important because the ribbon will get tangled, especially by younger twirlers.


The 5m length is perfect for bigger kids and adults. Younger kids may find it a little bit long at first, but it's such an easy prop to use that it won't take long before they learn not to get it too tangled!


recommended for:


  • Rhythmic gymnastics
  • Dance performances
  • Baton twirlers
  • Kids
  • Adult




More Information
Country of ManufactureTaiwan
Ribbon ColourRainbow
Ribbon Length5m (16ft 5in)
Stick Length56cm (22in)
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