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CenterTrac YoYo Bearing - Size C

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A yoyo bearing with a flat, concave central groove for smooth unresponsive play.
YoYoFactory teamed up with the Central Bearing Company to bring you this awesome yoyo bearing. The concave shape on the outer edge of the bearing keeps the string centred and helps stop the string catching on the edges of the yoyo. The CentreTrac yoyo bearing is similar to the KonKave bearing but the CenterTrac's centre groove has flat edges instead of the curved groove of the KonKave. The CenterTracearing will make your yoyo just about as unresponsive as it's possible to be! If you're wanting to optimise your yoyo for crazy, smooth and extended string play then you can't go wrong by installing one of these. This bearing is a size C (large) and will fit many YoYoJam and YoYoFactory yoyos plus any other yoyo fitted with a size C bearing.
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