Contact Ball Bags

Protective bags for contact juggling balls. These bags have a tough and durable outer layer but a soft, fleece inner. They help to keep your contact balls free from scratches and other blemishes by stopping them bashing into other things in your bag or while lying around at a juggling convention. The most important reason to buy a contact juggling ball bag is to reduce the risk of them causing fires. Acrylic balls refract sunlight into a single point. This point of light is intense enough to burn through wood and can start a fire. Most commonly this happens when balls are left unattended in the shade but the sun moves across the sky eventually hits the ball and if no one notices a large fire can be started.

These contact juggling ball pouches can be included when you buy an acrylic balls from us. If you forgot to buy a bag or need a replacement you can buy the bags by themselves here. Firetoys strongly recommends you keep your acrylic balls in their bags whenever you are not using them.

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