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Kitty Yo Yo String - Normal - Pack of 100 - Baby Pink

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Used by many pros, this string is some of the most durable and highest performing string around. This pack contains 100 strings.
Kitty String - Normal is 100% polyester yoyo string. But this isn't just any old yoyo string, Kitty String is widely regarded as some of the best string out there. It's more durable, the sweet spot lasts longer and it resists tension better than almost any other yo yo string. While beginners may not feel the advantages of Kitty string, more advanced players definitely will. It's resistance to tension is great for slack and whip tricks as Kitty String has a greater tenancy to stay open longer for easier catches and whips. Kitty String is also soft and silky which makes it more comfortable to work with and results in fewer string burns as well as meaning tricks can be done a little faster with less effort. Normal Kitty Strings are the same width as other standard yoyo strings. Each Kitty String is about 115cm long so is great for those that like longer strings. Of course, it can be cut down to suit your style so Kitty Strings aren't knotted meaning you need to tie your own finger hole. Each pack contains 100 strings.
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Country of ManufacturePhilippines
ManufacturerKitty String
YoYo ColourBaby Pink
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