Clear Acrylic Contact Ball

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These Clear Acrylic Balls are fantastic for mesmerising multi and single ball contact magic!

Also available in coloured and crystal clear variations.

Important: Due to the perfect circular shape and clear nature of this acrylic, these contact balls can act as magnifying glasses and start fires. Never leave your balls in direct sunlight (or on a window sill).

Available in a range of sizes.

An optional bag can be added for protection.

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Clear Acrylic

With these Clear Acrylic balls you can expect a ball with high clarity and no internal distortions - essential for perfect isolations.

The precision manufacturing and high strength of the acrylic mean these are virtually shatterproof, but they can get scratched, as well as cause damage to other people/objects!

Sizing - Single Ball Contact Juggling

As a general rule, the smaller the contact ball, the smaller the contact surface area and the harder it is to control. Similarly, the larger the ball, the easier it is to balance.

So for single ball contact juggling a larger ball is generally preferred - anything from a 75mm ball upwards, depending on personal preference. However, 90mm balls and upwards can start to get too heavy for some, making certain moves tricky to control.

The most popular choices for a single ball are 85 and 90cm.

If you're not sure whether you want to play multi or single ball, go for a 75mm ball.

Sizing - Multi-Ball Contact Juggling

If you are interested in manipulating any more than two balls, then the above rule is inversed: the smaller the ball, the easier it is to control multiples of them. We recommend not going for anything larger than a 75mm ball, especially if you are learning multiball contact juggling.

The 70mm and 75mm balls are the most popular for multiball, but again, exactly what size to choose comes down to personal preference and the size of your hands.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Good size, looks good. Feels nicely solid and durable

Everything was ok

I made a mistake in the shipping method of my order and they solved it for me. The package arrived when it was due right before leaving the hotel. I pretty much like the bag of the juggling ball, given that it seems very thick and protective. I am very happy with my new Contact juggling Ball! I´ve been wanting to have one since Neverending Story and Labyrinth. Thank you very much!

A newbie reflects

I'm brand new to contact juggling and this is where I started. It seems just right to me! It looks fricking awesome.

I have large hands for a gal (I buy men's size medium gloves, if that helps) and am a massage therapist by day so there's a baseline of arm/hand strength. My boyfriend, with much larger hands, bought the 100mm version and it's much too big for me and almost too heavy for him here at first. Anyhow, I'm very pleased that it's not nearly as scuffy as I thought I would make it in one month of dropping it but of course I'm playing on carpet and grass, not concrete.

My next purchase is a stage ball if only so I can practice at night without that horrible thudding sound into the apartment below. ^_^"

Incredibly happy boyfriend

This was a Christmas present for my boyfriend who'd expressed an interest in learning contact juggling. He loved it and it even made an appearance at a new year party. I've now taken to teaching myself contact juggling with it as well. 5 stars, best value contact ball I could find.

Beautiful. worth every penny

I bought this to replace my older 100mm contact ball, which has lasted me about two years but is now totally beaten up.
This is a perfectly clear, standard acryllic contact ball. I cant say a single negative thing about it. i love it.