Firetoys Fibre Air Throwing Staff


Firetoys Fibre Air Throwing staffs are perfectly designed for throwing/juggling. They are also fantastic for double/triple staff manipulation or even as a first fire staff.

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Close up end of fibre air staff showing wick

Throwing and Juggling

We have added enough wick to ensure a long burn time and improve the staff's spin in the air. Our wick is a very tightly woven para-aramid, and each wick is fixed to each end with our  "hardcore" bolts, making them very hard-wearing.

The Fibre Airs are thin, approximately 12mm around the handle, allowing multiple staff to be held in one hand. This makes starting juggling patterns more comfortable and catches easier.

They are also light, weighing in at 360g, meaning that you can throw these staffs higher and for longer periods without your arms falling off!

Lightweight but Strong

Being thin and light doesn't mean these fire staffs are weaklings, far from it. The Fibre Airs have a full fibreglass core similar to the Fibre 3 range, only thinner. The fibreglass core is extremely strong and designed to withstand repeated drops from a height and at high rotational speeds. However, they are not indestructible and should not be abused.

The Fibre Airs have large wicks, relative to their size, made from 60cm of 65mm wick at each end. The wicks provide a good flame size and burn time and add weight to the ends of the staff. The extra momentum this affords adds to the hang time of these staffs, making for slow and smooth flights through the air.

These staffs are equipped with aluminium heat shields that further add to the staff's momentum and allow the Fibre Air some flex in their centre. This flex softens the impact when catching the staff and will enable it to absorb shock from drops effectively. These staffs will not develop a permanent bend.

Isolations and more

The fun doesn't stop with throwing and catching; oh no! Fibre Airs are some of our most versatile fire staffs.

Their thin shaft means they are ideally suited for:

  • Finger spinning
  • Isolations
  • Antispin manipulation with double staffs (a.k.a. magnetic batons)
  • Triple staff / Quad staff

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Broke first day

I let my friend spin it and he wasn't going fast because it was lit but he dropped it and the head end snapped off like it was nothing

Note from Firetoys: Please get in touch with our customer service team. We're here to help and want to resolve any problems.

professional grade

my first staff i made from an aluminum pipe and a tiki torch wick. needless to say not only is this professional grade but it is also well evenly balanced and light weight enough for big air tosses and spins. it can get very fast and very out of control very quick but overall this was one of the best buys i could have made.


I have not got one yet but i went to a festival and i met this boy who had one. it was really good and was very aerodynamic. it was very light and easy to use. i also like the fact that it can be used as normal fire staff AND contact, this is good because im learning normal fire staff and contact staff! I will be getting one soon and will be over the moon when it arrives! :D (i also used one in a fire show and it worked out really well)

Smokey Joe
Amazing for the price

I received one of these for a birthday present and I have really gotten into them. The weight it balanced perfectly and the grip is very nice, never slides out of your hand. The tapers are nice and big and last a long time. These spin incredibly well and the momentum on them is great and mastering them is a challange but well worth it and very addictive XD
great as a practise or 1st staff, could even use proffesionally.
Overall very good