Mr Babache Russian Juggling Balls - 68mm


Mr Babache's Russian-style juggling balls are a bit firmer than some other similar balls on the market. This means they keep their shape better and keeps them stable in the air helping to make your throws consistent.

Half filled with sand, these balls land in your hand nicely and stay there. By making these balls bottom-weighted, they are also great for body stalls, balancing, and body rolls due to their increased stability.

Russian balls come with a removable plug that allows you to remove or add to the sand filling. This way, you can adjust the weight of the balls to your personal preference. The balls come supplied weighing 90g, with a diameter of 68mm, and have a soft and velvety texture.

Spare plugs can be found here

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Customer Reviews

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These were purchased as a requested gift for my adult son. I ordered them at the last minute with no hopes they would arrive before we left for a family trip to the island of Molokai in the pacific but the day before we left, there they were! He took them on vacation, juggled for 2 week entertaining himself and the other islanders, and stated he LOVES them, best he's ever owned. He loved the fact they had sand in them and could add sand from our trip. When we went through the "fruit screening" at the airport on the way home they accused him of filling his suitcase full of fruit, and were amused to see what they really were. Thanks for getting them shipped quickly and selling a great product. We will be back!

High quality balls

I have tried a number of different kinds of balls, but these are the best so far. They have a decent weight to start, but the design allows for sand to be added. The plugs are very difficult to remove, which prevents leakage, but it's still frustrating when it's advertised as customizable.
They are the right size for most hands, and they have a pliable exterior that flexes when squeezed. They follow a predictable path in the air, and don't roll far when dropped. The texture of the balls feels nice in your hands, and have the right amount of gripping.
All in all, very happy with these balls. They feel good in your hands and in the air. Minus one star for plugs that are difficult to remove.


Amazing balls, easy to work with, good size for small and large hands alike, and easy weight to juggle with. a little heavy for beginners, but the perfect weight for slightly advanced jugglers.

best for me

great quality, best I've tried. When I've started juggling i've skipped beanbags right away and I took 68mm russian ones from Mr. Babache
though for me they are best when juggling not more than 5 as for number juggling they are a bit to big, but as i'm sticking with jugling 3, 4 or 5 these are great choice

Subtle Russian

This is an odd one. A sort of compromise between a grippy and flexible low-bounce rubber stage-ball, and a slightly overfilled russian ball. I was a bit skeptical about the thickness of the shell, that it might lessen the russian ball effect. But it somehow manages to be a very durable, grippy and slightly soft shelled rubber ball, with a subtler but still distinct russian feel, at any weight between some 80g to 110g. It ships with fine sand filling at 85-95g. Is about half-filled at 120g, where it starts acting like an unbalanced stage-ball. Lower than 80, and it bounces more than a russian should. Also, the plug can be removed and replaced without damaging the seal, and the ball retains it's shape perfectly afterwards.

So in spite of the price, and the somewhat odd design that really suggests a neither-or ball with no clear advantages, and the disadvantages of all ball-categories (read: bouncy half-russian that wobbles in the air and smash your fingers on the way down before rolling off), I'm quite happy I tried them out. Since these replaced my beanbag set after the first ten minutes, and shelved my home-made russian project as well. Recommended, with the reservation that some might want a lighter and smaller shell for a russian, with less contact bounce, and better dead-drop at lower weight, which you can't have with this ball. And even if it is a bit like buying the fanciest plastic hiking trip dish in existence in the price-range of fine china plates.