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25m Roll of Firetoys Aerial Hoop Tape - 3.8cm Wide

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Our very own, High-Quality, UK Made, 25m roll of 3.8cm wide adhesive tape.

They are perfect for dressing Trapeze bars, Aerial Hoops, and other aerial equipment.

This is the most popular width, and best for most applications!

Available in black, white, red, or blue.


We've been selling this high-quality tape for years, and it's quite possibly the best tape available.


This tape has a much finer weave than you will find on other tapes; this makes it very soft on the hands. This delicate weave can also make it a little slippery when brand new, but some rosin or other grip aid soon takes care of that!


While being soft on the hands, it's also highly durable. So your hands will feel better after longer training sessions while your tape needs replacing less frequently.



Firetoys Aerial Hoop Tape uses a tight weave on the fabric, and a rubber adhesive. The glue is less likely to leach through the tape and become excessively sticky, compared to other brands.

Often, tapes used for aerial will be a little sticky on the surface from excess adhesive coming through the tape. This will sometimes happen right away or after the tape has warmed up through training. It's usually remedied by rubbing the tape down with chalk, but often it can leave your hands and clothes a sticky mess.

The excess adhesive problem can be very inconsistent with most tape brands; some rolls are good, while others are sticky.


A 25m roll of the 3.8cm rayon tape will cover any size of aerial hoop, no matter the tube diameter, with tape left over.

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