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Astral Hoops - Starlight 23 - LED Hula Hoop - 28" (71cm)

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The Starlight LED Hoop is the most affordable model from Astral Hoops.

This Starlight 23 Single Density version features 21 to 27 full-colour 360-degree LEDs.

The internal hoop diameter is 71cm (28") with 1.58cm (5/8") diameter tubing.

Total weight: 28" =  200g (7oz).

The Starlight hoop features 40 psychedelic patterns designed to create mesmerizing effects.  You can easily customize the colour and speed of each pattern using the remote and save them to the favourites bank.

Starlight LED Hoop

Most smart hoops have LEDs that shine only to the outside edge of the hoop.  The Starlight is different.  The LEDs shine 360 degrees around, lighting up the hoop tubing.  Because of this, fewer LEDs are needed to create stunning effects.  That also means the batteries last longer on a charge, making this a perfect hoop for long flow jams, performances, and festival use!

The removable lithium-ion battery, counterweight, and circuitry weigh only  28g (1oz), making this LED hoop feel like a regular non-LED hoop.  The LEDs are spaced evenly around the hoop with no uneven light gaps. 

Starlight - single density features

21 to 27 full colour 360 degree LEDs (Single Density) 

Remote control

Precision counterweight balanced

Runs 3 to 6 hours on one battery

Comes with 2 rechargeable Li-ion batteries and a charger

Sanded grip strip on the inside of the hoop

Lifetime warranty

40 Unique Patterns, unlike any other LED hoop!

360 Degree LEDs


Colour and Speed Control

Easily monitor your battery life.

Brightness control - Crank it up for dazzling light, or turn it down to increase battery life.

Favourites - Store up to 9 customized favourites!

Comets - Orbit your body with comets.

New intelligent power regulation for longer battery life.

*note* the video below is the Starlight 23 single-density version.

Tech Spec

Translucent Polypro Tubing

Advanced super bright and incredibly durable 16 million colour LED circuit.

Internal components, battery, and counterweight add only 56.7g (2oz)!

Total weight: 28" =  200g (7oz).

Collapsible for easy travel.

For your health and the environment, only RoHS-compliant and lead-free components and solder are used.

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