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P For Pizza

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P For Pizza is a hilarious, simple, and fast-paced word game that will have everyone shouting over each other and hooting with laughter!

Match the letters with the categories, then shout out an answer before anyone else!


15 mins, 2-4 players, Age 10+ recommended (simplified for younger players is fine too!)

Everyone loves Pizza!


And everyone will love this word game too!

P For Pizza is kind of like the Dobble of word games, but with Pizza.  All you need to do is be the first to shout out a word that matches the category and starts with the letter displayed, so if the letter is B and the category is TV Shows, you could shout “Baywatch!".

Then you flip a new card and go again. Be the fastest and loudest and first to collect nine cards to complete your pizza slice!

It gets a little trickier for the player in the lead; the more cards you collect, the more difficult the game gets — making the ending very exciting!

P For Pizza is very fast, very fun, and very funny. It's fun for the whole family, and you can play with 2-4 players, but it's best with 4.

It's recommended for ages 10+, but you can play with younger kids, depending on reading ability, or you can play it more simply.



120 cards


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